Manager's Desk

Education removes our doubts and fears; it makes us happy and peaceful; it makes us better human beings. The teacher comes, removes the darkness and we can experience the beautiful world. It leads us to the heights of life to serve the unreached.

Principal's Desk


Education should aim at holistic formation of students.Education should include a conscious state of integrating the mind, body and spirit and to discover genuine answer to human problems, to promote peace and harmony and establish solidarity with our fellow, humans as brothers and sisters.

our vision

Our vision is the vision of Jesus, that all may have life and have it in abundance. We envision the transformation of individual person, of institutions and of structures which would result in a just, equitable and inclusive society, making real the Reign of God on earth.


Punctuality and regularity in attendance ,proper uniform, earnest effort in home work, assignments and polite behaviors inside and outside the school are always insisted on and in all these matters the parents’ full co-operation is expected at all times.